Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why Obama is good for me

So this is my first official blog, i've always been against these but since several of my friends are doing it and apparently I'm a freaking sheep these days joining facebook and now blogging I figure why not.

So I just want to say why I'm all for Obama and even more why his presidency is good for me as an american. So I used to follow politics when I was younger, I really wanted to know what was going on in this country at all levels. But ever since I was in the army first under clinton and then under that guy who I will refer to as "that ignorant prick" everything I have seen done has just first pissed me off and second made me lose all faith in the future of this country. I mean I reached the point where all I wanted to do was finish school and leave this country because I thought it was all over for us.

But I have to say, since I've been following Obama's campaign and now his election, which I still can't believe, that (a) he got elected and (b) some stupid redneck didn't assasinate him, I'm really excited about our executive branch and even more our future. I've started reading the white house website updates and ny times to see what he's doing everyday and this is the way things should be. I shouldn't be afraid to see what our president is doing to our future as I have been for more than a decade.

So overall I want to say that I'm back USA. Obamas election day is the proudest I've been in our countries history since my birth, way to elect the right person. I don't expect things to change in Obamas term, but as long as I see things done that will make things 20 years from now better I'm happy.