Thursday, March 26, 2009

Retarded people will back anything

So I'm pretty freaking pissed about something that hits home for me.  Being a scientist, yes incase your reading this and you don't know me, I'm a real scientist with a Ph.D in immunology from Johns Hopkins University, not some schmo who read something online and think I'm an expert.  
So now that I've prefaced this, my issue is these fucking people who are against vaccines, oh vaccines cause autism, the cause this, they cause that.  Goddam movie stars, and yuppie soccer moms who read something on ladies home journal online or some other bull shit website about autism and are all up in arms about vaccines being bad for little johnny.  First of all let me tell you about vaccines, vaccines are probably one of the top five greatest medical discoveries ever!  This is no exaggeration, do you know how many people died of small pox in the 20th century?  500 fucking million, yeah 500 million.  Do you know how many have died since 1980? Not a one!  Do you know why?  Because vaccination irradicated it, freaking irradicated it!  How about measles, 200,000 kids world wide die of this every year.  I know what your thinking, weird I don't know anyone who has had measles, yeah you know why?  Because your immunized and don't have to worry about it, unfortunately not all third world countries are and most kids who get it either die or go blind, feel lucky your immunized.  
  There is absolutely, positively no data to support vaccines causing autism, in fact being an immunologist the idea makes scientifically no sense.  A vaccine is not some super high tech chemical or drug, I'll tell you what it is.  
Lets say you want to immunize some one against rabies.  What you do is isolate some rabies virus in a test tube, boil it, irradiate it and completely kill it, then inject this dead, non-pathogenic tube of lysed crap into someone.  What happens is you get a minor immunological response to it, because thats what your immune system is supposed to do.  Your T cells become specifically activated to rabies, expand up and then contract and mostly die since there really isn't an infection.  However a very small percentage of your T cells specific for rabies live for basically ever, and if you ever do get rabies for real they respond super fast and destroy it before it can expand enough to hurt you, shit you may have got measles in your life but wouldn't know it because those immunized T cells did their job.  People who were immunized as a kid have had T cell responses 50 years later, those T cells sat there that long and then did their job.  Tell me thats not freaking awesome.   Now if you didn't get immunized and get rabies, your non specific innate immune system tries to keep it at bay while your t cells need to be found and expanded (about a week), and for most people its too late by the time they are ready and the virus has gone crazy and you either die or get lucky and only go deaf or blind.  I choose immunization.  
Do you know where this this bullshit autism vaccination link came from?  Some fucking epidimiologist (spelling?) looked at a ridiculous amount of data in excel and said "huh, it looks like theres a higher incidence of autism in nations that have more vaccinations"  Yeah well these also probably a higher incidence of autism in nations that have more fast food, porn theaters, pro sports and crack, doesn't mean they cause it!  The CDC did a comprehensive study and determined that their is no connection between vaccines and autism, and that wasn't published in the ladies home journal, but rather a peer reviewed publication called The Journal of the American Medical Association"  I think I will take their opinion over you editor at People, or wherever the fuck else you read it.  
    So people with your bumper stickers talking shit on vaccines or even I was told there was a sign in a chiropractors office against vaccines that someone saw, read some actually relevant, scientifically based publications, education yourselves and immunize your god damn kids.  And if your too stupid to do this then go up in a mountain and die somewhere!



  1. Preach all you want, I'm still not getting one of those fucking flu shots.

    Nice rant.

  2. Thanks for crushing my dreams of publishing in Ladies Home Journal one day...

    Good blog, now I think you should come up with a bumper sticker to rival the ones against vaccines, something along the lines of 'If you don't believe in vaccines then go up a mountain and die somewhere.' That would show those anti-vacciners.

  3. nice fucking rant. Ah, made me feel good... oh, and I'm with JC on this one, no flu shots for me, I know how those little things are made.