Monday, March 9, 2009

Way to go obama

So our new president is wasting no time reversing the damage our previous retard has done. Today he reversed the ban on stem cell research put in place by Bush and his panel of right wing religions morons. You still can't use federal money to derive new lines however you have the ability to use many more lines which have been derived privately, which is a major advancement to government scientists. Hopefully, Obama can convince the congress to allow government funding to support the generation of new lines, but I doubt even he can do that.

This is great, less than two months and he's already rectified a major bush fuck up. And I hope he keeps going. We need to eliminate the religious influence that's been creeping more an more into our government. We were founded on separation of church and state and for some freakin reason in my lifetime all I have seen is religious influence making its way into every important decision in this country and pushing out all rational logical thought.

So keep going Obama, next lets permit gay marraige in all states and abortion too. Its not even that I'm a huge supporter of gay marraige or abortion I just want to stick it to those right wing, super conservative, brain washed, moronic, christian, holier than thou assholes. If you don't want to except gay marraige in your religion thats your choice, its a private institution, but since when did that have anything to do with law. The goverment has a responsibility to protect our rights, the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, since when does allowing two people, or shit a guy and his freaking dog to get married hinder on any one of those rights? Worry about your own life, not everyone elses. Roll on Obama, roll on!

Also I want to be able to buy alcohol on sunday everywhere!



  2. As I'm now a formal member of a humane society I don't think I can get behind the idea of a guy marrying a dog. There should probably be a law against that.

    How about this: buying alcohol everywhere on a Sunday! See what I did there? Did you see it?