Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why music fans today piss me off

So music today pisses me off, and you know why? Too many god damn washed up bands putting out music that is a fraction of the quality it was back in their hayday. And do you know what pisses me off even fucking more? you american consumer buying this shit!!! Your impeding the progress of music! Why do you say? Well, for every washed up band who's album your buying thats one less new band your keeping from getting signed! Oh and you say but its new u2 or new stones or new pearl jam. u2 hasn't put out an original album that didn't suck in a decade! They've been playing the same god damn mother fucking song for 8 years! The stones have sucked for 20 years!

The problem is you give exceedingly too much credit to bands from the past. I've experienced it first hand. 98 rock used to have a night time bit where they would do love it or shove it. Basically they play a new song, no artist names no nothing, and you call in and say whether you love it or shove it. Depending on the outcome, they continue to play the song or never play it again. They would play all sorts of stuff alot of it sucked and people would start shoving it, then some jackass would call in and say " oh its the new ozzy, or pearl jam or whatever" and all of the sudden everyone one and their sister fucking loves it, nothing has changed except now all of the sudden the song doesn't suck so bad since its whoever the fuck.

Well fucking stop it! Stop giving credibility when its not due, perhaps if you didn't buy the new/same fucking u2 album for the last 10 years they would have to put something together that didn't suck or they would just give it up. I know your probably saying oh, you just don't like u2 or the stones or whoever. No! I admired the quality of the music they were putting out in their day and think they would have going down as a groundbreaking band if they would have hung it up when they should of, now they are hurting their own reputation and just pissing me off.

So people please, stop buying this shit! Judge what you hear with a blind eye, no advanced consideration. Hopefully if we all do this classic bands will start putting out good music again and stop riding their wave from a decade ago. Or maybe they will just hang it up when they should like bands with some class like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Fuckin stones and u2 just die already.


  1. Also sticking around too long:
    -Linkin Park

    Although I'm pretty sure LedZep was forced into retirement on account of death and what not.

    Nice rant.

  2. Metallica and Offspring need to bow out gracefully too... if that's still even possible